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Di Lullo’s dried soups stem from our pasta makers’ wish to combine tradition and modernity. Our legume dried soups are the best and easiest way to taste a genuine and traditional recipe, even when there isn’t much time to spend in the kitchen.

Pasta Soup with Beans

This is the Queen of Abruzzo’s typical cuisine: the bean soup with sagne cooked in a brothy tomato sauce. Ideal for this dish, sagne or sagnette are a special kind of short pasta made from durum wheat flour and water: a simple, ancient recipe that will take you back to the roots of the Italian cookery tradition.

Spelt Pasta Soup with Beans

This is a variation of the traditional legume soup with semi-wholemeal spelt pasta. Poor in fats, but rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals and iron, spelt is an ancient cereal that has been recently rediscovered.

Pasta Soup with Chickpeas and Porcini Mushrooms

This is a tasty alternative for those who love a more distinctive flavour. This soup is made with a rougher type of pasta that can better absorb the taste of the porcini mushrooms, while enhancing the sweetness of the chickpeas and the aromatic tinge of rosemary.

Spelt Pasta Soup with Pumpkin and Mushrooms

The sweet taste of the pumpkin combines with the distinctive taste of the mushrooms – both porcini and white button – for this light and tasty dish, made more precious by its thyme aroma and semi-wholemeal spelt pasta.

Pasta Soup with Courgettes and Saffron

Thanks to its vivid yellow brightness and its unique fragrance, the prestigious saffron from the Navelli (AQ) plain enriches this simple and delicate dish. This is a vegan recipe, made especially light by its thinly-sliced courgettes.